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Transfer to MacCormac

MacCormac College welcomes transfer students from other institutions including the military. Many students find that small class sizes, personal attention from professors and the flexibility of a two-year institution provides the right environment to help them reach their educational and career goals. In addition, MacCormac offers generous scholarships to transfer students with high academic achievement.

The admissions process for transfer students is the same as all other applicants. In addition to high school transcripts, transfer students should also submit transcripts from the college previously attended. Once a transfer student has been accepted, an academic advisor will assess the transferability of any successfully completed college coursework and/or military credit hours and design a graduation plan for the student.

MacCormac Transfer Scholarship

MacCormac College offers a scholarship specifically for transfer students in their first semester of enrollment.

  • These $600.00 Scholarships are only available for the first semester of enrollment.
  • In order to receive this scholarship, transfer students must have previously completed a minimum of twelve semester hours with a GPA of at least a 3.3 at a regionally accredited institution of higher learning (HLC) before entering MacCormac College.
  • The Scholarship is available only to full-time students pursuing an associate degree.
  • Candidates for a Transfer Scholarship must be offered admission to the College before the Director of Financial Aid can consider the application for the Transfer Scholarship.
  • After the first semester of enrollment, transfer students can apply for other available scholarships.