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Paralegal Studies Major

Associate of Science Degree

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Paralegal Studies Mission Statement:

The mission of the Paralegal Studies Associate of Science degree program is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful as paralegals who are prepared to meet the needs of the legal community. Graduates of the program possess knowledge of basic legal terminology and procedures, document drafting, professional ethics and client interactions, and are proficient in utilizing research technology.

Paralegal Studies Vision Statement:

The vision of the program is to provide a superior academic program, encourage the pursuit of lifelong learning, and promote responsible citizenship.

Paralegal Studies Goals:

Building on its heritage as the oldest paralegal program in Illinois, the MacCormac College Paralegal Studies Program will continue to pursue academic excellence it its classes, expand internship opportunities for students, and engage our students in greater participation in school and outside activities. The fundamental goals are to:

  • Recruit, retain and graduate students who are academically prepared to assume the duties and opportunities as paralegals in the legal marketplace
  • Continuously review and modify the Paralegal Studies curriculum to address changes in the paralegal job market and to ensure that MacCormac College Paralegal students are provided with the most up-to-date educational methodologies to successfully participate in the paralegal profession
  • Enhance and encourage development of critical thinking, communication, computer, and organizational skills
  • Encourage our students to become engaged in giving back to the greater Chicagoland community and participate in volunteer opportunities, internships, externships, and networking events
  • Continuously build and hire qualified faculty committed to academic excellence and a student-centered approach to education

Paralegal Studies Learning Outcomes:

Paralegal Studies Graduates will be able to:

  • Use legal terminology to communicate with prospective clients, offices, and the courts
  • Draft and understand the meaning of a variety of legal documents
  • Research complex legal issues stemming from legal cases using traditional sources and the latest law research technology
  • Apply legal reasoning and critical analysis to the identification and interpretation of legal issues.
  • Work with legal team in preparation for trials, motions and administrative hearings
  • Demonstrate awareness of ethical problems that may occur in the legal environment

Program outline is available here.

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