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Court Reporting Major

Associate of Applied Science Degree

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Court Reporters are the professionals who capture, protect, and preserve the court's record by recording the verbatim proceedings in court or during pre-trial depositions, which they translate into a transcript for use by court officials and attorneys.

Court Reporting Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Court Reporting Associate of Applied Science degree program to provide a strong foundation consisting of both academic knowledge and technical expertise that will prepare the student for a career as a professional judicial reporter in a variety of venues, including administrative, governmental, and judicial. Foremost among the attributes to be developed is a firm sense of and appreciation for professionalism at all times both in and out of the classroom.

Court Reporting Goals:

  • Students will complete a supervised externship affording them an opportunity to define career goals, gain experience, and acquire self-confidence
  • Students will be well-prepared for the state Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) and the Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) certification exams.
  • Students will obtain experience with Realtime reporting during core classes

Court Reporting Learning Outcomes:

  • Court Reporting graduates will be able to demonstrate:
  • Listening and concentration skills to aid in machine shorthand writing
  • Proficiency in writing legal, medical, and technical terminologies
  • The ability to apply all punctuation, grammar, and spelling principles in transcription work
  • Knowledge of local, national, and international current events
  • Expertise in the appropriate speeds and all theory principles
  • Knowledge and understanding of the NCRA Code of Professional Ethics
  • Knowledge of technology as it is used in all aspects of the profession

Program outline is available here.

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