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Claudia Castro

Paralegal Studies '93

MacCormac College alum and former adjunct faculty member Claudia Castro was named 40 Under Forty in 2012 as part of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. Castro is a graduate of the class of 1993 of MacCormac College and she majored in Paralegal Studies. She was a teenage mom while at MacCormac College, but went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree from Loyola University and her law degree at Thomas Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. Currently, Ms. Castro works as an Associate Attorney at Odelson & Sterk, Ltd located in Evergreen Park, IL where she practices municipal law and school law. Speaking about her time at MacCormac, Ms Castro said: “Studying at MacCormac was a very supportive experience and everyone was very helpful. My classmates and I had a lot of fun studying together; we learnt a lot and were a very bonded group. My driving force to succeed was my daughter. At the time I attended MacCormac, my daughter was just a few months old and I wanted to not only provide her with a better life, but I wanted to be a role model for her.”

She went on to say: “The advice I would give someone who is trying to better their lives with education is to never give up. There are going to be obstacles that you will face and sometimes it can be discouraging and frustrating for people, but I would just say keep pushing though because in the end it will all be worth it having achieved your dreams.” 

In addition, Ms Castro helps initiate crime prevention and problem solving programs and education outreach efforts. Associate Judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County, the Honorary Rena Marie Van Tine said: “Ms. Castro first chaired numerous contested hearings and trials for the People of the State of Illinois. These cases were of a serious and sensitive nature, and Ms. Castro demonstrated compassion and dedication to each of the cases she dealt with.” Castro is the current national president-elect for the National Hispanic Prosecutor’s Association. Castro also participates in the Conference of Western Attorney Generals, where she serves as an instructor. This conference travels to Mexico to provide workshops and train Mexican prosecutors in trial skills. David F. Grassi, Director of the Paralegal Studies Program at MacCormac College said of Castro, “If this is not an example of sheer force of character and tremendous initiative, I do not know what is.”

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